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Pullela Gopichand on coaching and leagues in badminton. That is why the majority will opt to move in with their girlfriends or boyfriends. According to Ephesians 2: Moving from a premise of engaging in these practices, which is not biblically justified, to what a missional Christian church can do, this article sought to bring the numbers of those who cohabit and engage in premarital sex down. She never enjoyed the sexual intimacy with her husband, because she was haunted by her past experiences of engaging in sexual activities with Edwin in her teens.

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Defining the word cohabitation is very complex, but it is generally used to describe the relationship between unmarried couples who live together as husband and wife Parry Human culture in the 21st century has been transformed by a revolution in sexual values. When looking closely at the dynamics of cohabitation and premarital sex in South Africa, there are three elements that are worth noting, namely the youth in crisis, the factors contributing to cohabitation and premarital sex and the consequences thereof. They are practiced by Christian and non-Christian youth alike. Some people use cohabitation as a stepping-stone to marriage, whilst others prefer to cohabit for as long as they live Manning et al. In the end, cohabitation and premarital sex have become kinds of passports to acceptance in a particular age group cf.

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